The Good Golfer’s Guide To Property Investment

You can spend most of your life investing in property and then discover you just wasted the rest. 

Property investment does that to you.

You feel the buzz of making money on your first investment property and you just want more of that feeling.

This is why the best property investors don’t stop, they keep on going. 

It’s a bit like golf. You start playing the game down at the local course, begin to sink a few putts or hit a drive onto the green to score an eagle. You feel ecstatic – on top of the world. 

This is because there is nothing like the feeling of getting it right in golf or investment. Scoring the right property is your hole in one! You should even check out Mini Golf Hire if you want to play on your new properties.

Like golf, property investment success doesn’t always come easy. Unless you are lucky, it takes practice and preparation before you can even get around the course let alone avoid the hazards that stand in your way.

This got me thinking about how many more ways property investment is like golf. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Lots of people invest in property, lots of people play golf. Not everyone does either one successfully – even after years of practice.
  2. You can only rely on one person in property investment or golf. It’s down to you my friend.  Unlike other sports where you can always blame someone else – the buck stops with you and so do the rewards.
  3. Golf is about you and your ability to get it right and you have got to play the whole game to get it right. Just like there are no half measures with property investment. 
  4. You can spend a whole lifetime trying to get better at golf or property investment. You can always find ways to perfect your swing just as you can always find more opportunities to make money!

So go work on that swing. Perfect that approach and you will soon be lowering life’s handicaps.

If I missed any other ways golf is like investment, please leave your comments below. I would love to hear them.

Kind regards

Loxley McKenzie
Managing Director 

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