5 Main Reasons Why Student Accommodation Makes A Perfect Investment

I once lived in a five-bedroom house with four other students in what was known as Cardiff’s student village. The house was furnished with second hand furniture, the kind that most people would throw into the nearest rubbish bin and forget about. My friends and I did not care. As for me, I was riding the crest of a wave at just being given that opportunity to study at one of the UK’s leading universities.

I thought nothing about paying the old landlord £300 a month for my room. Most students don’t. Then soon it began to dawn on me – a house that holds many books is also a good store of wealth. Many things have changed in the decade or so since then, apart from one property investment that has always stood the test of time.


5 Reasons Why Student Property Makes A Perfect Investment:

  • Student Property In The UK Is In High Demand
  • Rental Yields Are 8% Plus
  • 68% Of The UK’s Top University Cities Have Seen Student Rents Increase
  • Student Property Offers A Low Cost Entry Into UK Property Investment
  • It Is Easy To Invest In UK Student Property From Anywhere In The World

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