Atlanta Property: More than Just Investment Potential

When it comes to buying discounted properties in America, we are too often all about the facts and figures, because put quite simply the market is dominated by investors. But what if you are in the market for a holiday home?

You’d be forgiven for straight away heading to the Florida listings; Florida is one of the world’s best family holiday destinations in the world. But America is the world’s great nation, so surely there must be more to it than that?

There is. One place perfect for the more sophisticated holiday home buyer is Atlanta. Have you ever heard of Underground Atlanta?

It turns out that the Atlanta that we talk about and buy/sell property in today is 1 story above the Atlanta that we would have done so before 1929. Atlanta prospered in the 19th century (1800s) because of its expansive railroads exporting steel. In 1929 the construction of great viaducts and bridges raised the street system 1 level to allow better flow of traffic.

Businesses were of course forced to move up as well, leaving the fronts below for storage even though they also have storage space at the facility from that anyone can use, and the now underground Atlanta silent and almost forgotten. That is until 1968 that Underground Atlanta was appointed a Historical Landmark, and refurbished and opened with retail shops and businesses. It was closed again in the 1980s because of the Marta transit lines construction, but reopened in 1989 with a $142 million facelift. The underground really makes you feel part of history (dating back to the American civil war), and there are plenty of sights, as well as shops, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Then there is Stone Mountain park, another sight of historical importance with many civil war references. This is a typical great American park, offering mountain hikes through wooded wilderness, a scenic train ride, a sky ride (think cable cars) to the summit allowing you to see the famous Confederate Memorial carving and much more.

As you’d expect from one of the US’s most historically important cities there is a historical theme to many of the attractions, but there are also ball games, (baseball that is) and more shops and restaurants than you could ever get round.

If you’re interested, Atlanta property has never been more affordable. Click the link to find out more.

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