Atlanta Property Offers Abundant Investment Opportunities

If you are looking for a highly profitable investment property look no further than Atlanta, with hundreds of distressed, repossessed and heavily discounted properties on the market it is literally a wash with potentially hugely rewarding investment properties.

In fact the hardest choice about investing in Atlanta property is how you want to make your profit, from rentals and a sale a few years down the line, or from a quick buy and resale, there are possibilities to do both.

Take Jennifer Kuzara, a woman in Atlanta who wanted to buy a home but did not have a lot of money to do so. She decided to buy a foreclosure that she intended to fix up and live in, she paid $39,000 for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom property, which she borrowed from her parents, because she was unable to get a mortgage.

When Jennifer (with the help of friends) had finished carrying out the renovations, which cost a further $36,000, the property was appraised at $136,000 and $145,000. The bank allowed Jennifer to borrow $100,000 and she bought the house from her parents.

Jennifer bought the house to live in, but you can see the potential profits to be made from buying cheap, fixing up and selling high.

However, not everyone has the time or inclination to fix up property, for them the wide range of tenanted apartment deals, high yielding set and forget investments are perfect. Take our Fairington Apartments, a 3 bedroom tenanted apartment with full rental management yielding 12% net for just £38,000.

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