Brazilian Property Still Top of Many Investors Lists

A recent poll by the BBC World Service found that the popularity of Brazil property is growing more quickly than any other country in the survey. Some 49% of people viewed Brazil as having a positive influence on the world which is an increase of 9% on the previous year.

The chairman of GlobeScan, Doug Miller feels this may be because of the successful transition from the previous president to the first female president. The last president, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva was incredibly popular and only stepped down because Brazilian law prohibited him from ruling for more than two terms.

Nick Marr, the chief executive officer at thinks that Brazil is one of the best countries in which to buy investment property as not only is the country encouraging foreign investors but it also has a burgeoning population who wish to get on the property ladder.

The shortage of housing in many areas is creating demand. Prices are still very low when compared to Europe and the fact that it will be hosting the World Cup and the Olympics offers ideal opportunities for investors looking for fairly short-term prospects as these events will only increase the demand for affordable housing.

There have been concerns that Brazil is in the middle of a housing bubble but many experts believe this is not the case as mortgage debt is low as the pent-up demand from citizens enjoying increased prosperity is huge.

More than 9 million families in Brazil are intending to buy a property within the next 12 months which is more than double the numbers for 2009. With the current lack of available housing it seems like prices can only go in one direction.

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