Buying Property In Istanbul? What You Should Know About The Tapu (Title Deed)

Istanbul TapuThe process of buying property in Turkey is fairly straightforward, however there areas that can trip up the unwary investor, particularly when it comes to the Tapu (Title Deed).

When I attended a recent property event in London, I got talking to an investor who had bought a property in Turkey and was still waiting for his Tapu. It turned out he had been waiting 3 years and still no sign. This surprised me, as the Tapu is the most important document you need as an investor in Turkish property.

The Tapu is essentially the Title deed on your property, be it an apartment, house, land or complex. Without it you cannot legally own a property, sell a property or complete the buying process. So to avoid any of the horror stories you often see on TV it is worth making sure the document is processed as soon as possible.

One crucial thing to be aware of is that the Turkish title deed is not actually a deed in the British sense of the word. So the title to the property can’t simply be transferred by just passing it over to the prospective buyer.

You or your legal representative will need to visit the deed office to enter the sale transaction. The whole process will be in Turkish and it is a legal requirement for foreign buyers to use a translator. Once a contract is signed between the seller and the buyer, the deed officer will enter the transaction into the log book and register the buyer’s name as the new owner.

If you are buying in Istanbul or other areas of Turkey with restrictions on foreign ownership, then it will not be possible to obtain a Tapu. Before investing, remember that without a Tapu you will not have any legal entitlement to the property you have bought and you could risk losing both it and your money.

Another important thing to remember is that without a Tapu, you will be unable to register for government DASK insurance, which covers your property against the threat of earthquakes.

Colordarcy can introduce you to the Oak Harbor Law Office who can hold your hand throughout the whole process, and even put you in contact with Reid Collins & Tsai if anything goes wrong throughout the process.

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