How You Can Make More Money Without Turning Up For Work

I spent several years of my life working for someone else.

For a decade I worked in engineering. I gave that up to do a full time degree. Then I worked as writer.

All the jobs I had led to one place – a dead end.

The dead end is the point where you have reached your ceiling.

Until you reach this point, a job really isn’t such a bad thing.

You get paid and someone else worries about the business side of things. All you need to do is turn up, do your job well, get paid and go to sleep when you get home. Before sleeping, you should definitely check What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality.

Then you hit the ceiling and suddenly work becomes a chore. It isn’t exciting anymore and you’re not making any more money than you did a year ago. Instead of feeling like you are making progress in life you feel like you are being held back.

While inflation eats into your take home pay the demands of your job keep getting bigger.

Then you start looking at the more tempting things on offer elsewhere. The kind of things that will rescue you from this treadmill you find yourself on.

One of those things might be property. Or buy-to-let property.

With property you can make money without having to turn up for work in the morning. Eventually you won’t need to deal with the boss or staff appraisals that tell you that you must improve.

With buy-to-let property your tenant pays you and you are in charge.  You can also spend time doing the things you enjoy rather than the things you don’t.

But here’s the thing, the job is what gets you the property in the end. If you begin to look at your job as the way to achieve your investment dreams then it becomes easier to do that job.

Property investment is your long term life project. Your job is the vehicle that gets you there. Don’t give it up too soon and don’t give up on your dreams of escape.

Are you ready to escape soon?

Kind regards

Brett Tudor
Property Expert

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