Eco-friendly energy in Brazil

The energy industry in Brazil is surprisingly green with nearly 70% of the energy generated here coming from hydroelectric plants. Other sources of energy contribute a relatively small percentage but it’s hoped that wind energy will soon account for 10% of Brazil’s energy needs within a few years.

Brazil currently has capacity to produce just 0.6% of the country’s energy needs but it expects this to increase to 3.5% by 2013 with the expectation that by 2022 it will be able to meet 20% of the country’s energy needs.

The federal government here established the Incentive Program for Alternative Sources of Electric Energy back in 2004 with the aim of establishing wind energy in Brazil. As wind energy began to be produced new regulations were brought in which determined the market price, and Brazil currently has 50 wind farms with another 90 planned which are mainly financed by the Brazilian Development Bank.

The immediate attraction has to be that it is a clean and renewable energy source and it is also the ideal complement to the hydroelectric energy industry. This is because Brazil has very strong winds during the dry spells meaning that it is able to produce energy at precisely the time when the hydroelectric plants produce less.

The industry is also creating new jobs, many of which are indirect. It will also help stimulate the economy in the regions where the wind farms are located as the owners of the land can expect a share of the revenue. For a rapidly growing country such as Brazil whose energy needs will increase over the next few years, it seems very wise that they should be investing in this cheap and renewable source.

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