Hot Property in Florida Attracting Hordes of Foreign Buyers

Southwest Florida is enjoying an increase of foreign investors who want to purchase bargain properties for second homes or real estate investments. Among the foreign investors are many men and women from Canada who’ve gotten word that the investment property in Florida is at an attractive rate.

The sheer volume of foreigners entering the area and paying cash for properties is bringing hope that they could regenerate the area, which is currently like a scene from a thriller movie with rundown, foreclosed properties an all too frequent site.

The numbers speak for themselves. Since August, foreigners have signed 90,000 property purchase contracts according to a survey by the National Association of Realtors. That is about 22 percent of Florida’s home sales.

Accounting for 36% of foreign sales; Canadian investors are leading the way in Southwest Florida. Western Europe investors come in a close second with 29 percent.

Some of the buyers are interested in the homes as rental investments and others purchase homes as their second or vacation home, perhaps renting it out until they can relocate or whilst not in use.

Brits and Germans are known to have a strong interest in the area also. Other clients come from countries such as Finland, Israel, Greece, and North Korea.

The foreigners are apparently being attracted by the sensational headlines of one of the world’s hottest property markets in south west Florida, of course the fact that the stories are all true, and telling of some of the best investment opportunities in the world helps also.

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