Now Even Buffet Banks On USA Property

us propertyWe’ve been telling you all year that the U.S is one of the best places to invest in property and now we have been joined by the world’s richest investor Warren Buffett.

When Warren Buffett invests in anything, the whole world sits up and takes notice. So in a departure from his usual choices of investment – things like Coca Cola for example, he is confident enough to commit $3.85 billion to the bankrupt mortgage and loan business owned by Residential Capital LLC.

Now why would an investor like Buffett be interested in committing that unimaginable amount of cash in a failed finance business unless he was expecting some kind of decent return on his investment?

We saw this coming months ago and this latest monster sized investment in the future of the U.S property market is a highly significant development.

My U.S. real estate friends have being telling me all year that the market has reached bottom. Foreclosures have fallen on an annual basis for the past 20 months in a row and we heard that average property prices jumped 1.8% in March this year.

This may not sound like much, but it was the biggest increase in a month for 20 years. No wonder Buffett is keen to get his hands on the market.

Unfortunately for him, his wealth and business interests have grown to such an extent that he is unable to invest directly in property. When he was asked about investing in U.S single family homes he said “I would load up on them – I would take out mortgages at very, very low rates.”

For him managing all those properties would be near impossible, however for you the investor, the green light is on to load up on your own portfolio of U.S property.

If you would like to gain your own piece of the action in the U.S now that the world’s most famous investor has grabbed a large piece of his own please choose from our range of Florida properties.

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