Now is the time to buy in Atlanta

Atlanta has suffered some hefty house price falls, but the feeling is that prices have now hit rock bottom with many investors deciding now is the right time to buy.

The market has been flooded with foreclosures which has pushed down prices, with banks opting to take lower offers just to shift properties.

However new buyers have begun returning to the markets and have been soaking up the excess of distressed sales which will help prices to stabilise and to begin to rise.

Housing has become much more affordable since the downturn, and many people think that now is the right time to take advantage of low prices which when combined with low interest rates makes for unbeatable deals.

The end of tax credits has meant the markets have had time to find more natural levels and housing is now considered by many analysts to be fairly priced and no longer over valued.

There is currently a lot of interest in high rise apartments in Atlanta’s Metropolitan district, as it is attracting many young professionals and others who wish to enjoy an urban lifestyle.

The price of these apartments has been dramatically reduced, and the possibilities are there to find a real bargain that will offer a good net return for rental.

It’s possible to buy an investment property in Atlanta for less than $70,000 which will give a net return of 12%. The property can be privately let or rented to section 8 tenants, and should bring in just under $1000 per month. The super low property prices in Atlanta offer great opportunities for good capital growth.

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