Now is Time to Invest in Turkish Property

There are several very good reasons why those in the know are looking at Turkey property, as all the signs show it is an investment that will only get more desirable. It has always been a popular holiday destination as it enjoys 300 days of sunshine every year has wonderful beaches and very affordable flights.

It is set to become even more accessible as the government is investing in developing the infrastructure which includes a third International airport at Istanbul as this is necessary to cope with the massive increase of passenger numbers arriving at the city. This is obviously good news for the property market in Istanbul, but will also have a knock-on effect to the rest of the country with more domestic flights becoming available.

Turkey may have looked less desirable in previous years thanks to its ongoing struggle to become part of the EU, its lack of membership is now ironically very much in its favour. The rest of the EU is struggling to control its debt and has several member countries imposing austerity measures on their citizens, while Turkey is enjoying good growth and prosperity.

However there seems little doubt that Turkey still wants to join the EU in the future, and is working hard on governmental reforms. This means there will be less military influence on the government and less restrictions on foreign property ownership. This is all excellent news for people wishing to buy property here as they will be buying into a country with a stable government which will undoubtedly become part of the EU at some stage in the future. With increasing interest from foreign buyers this would appear to be the optimum time to be thinking about investing before prices rise even more.

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