Spanish Property Prices Have Fallen To An All-Time Low, Here’s How Investors Are Cashing In…

Spanish-PropertyI have a few friends who are in the business of selling Spanish property, they haven’t had a happy time.

It has been a rollercoaster time for them since 2008 with the problems in Europe, however they are now lifting their heads out of their hands, straightening their ties and feeling a lot more upbeat than they were…

Now if someone asked me to invest in Spanish property last year I would have laughed at them. What possible reason would I have had to invest in property in a country that was next in line for a bailout of unimaginable proportions?

Back then, as now, it is impossible to talk about investing in property in Spain without mentioning the national economy and perhaps even the wider European economy. Unfortunately property in Spain is only as cheap as it is because the country has hit rock bottom – that is no secret.

So in these conditions are investors mad to think that they can profit from property?

They could be unless they can find the following: 100 percent finance and discounts that will have developers in tears. The good news is we are now seeing both in a country that is practically rolling out the red carpet to property investors.

This is the reason why I am now looking again at Spain, not as a market that will generate a return in the short to medium to term, but in the long term.

This is when the high standard properties that are available now for 60% below their original values with 100% finance will once again rise in value.

As if all this were not enough to tempt even the most cautious investor to look again at Spain we have another equally important development that is getting Spanish real estate agents excited…

The value of the Euro against Sterling and the US Dollar.

Property in EU countries is beginning to fall in value simply because the value of the single currency is continuing to plummet against most of the world’s major currencies.

As I am writing this the euro is like a punch drunk boxer reeling from one heavy blow after another leading to some analysts predicting that we could see a rise to €1.40 to the pound by the end of the year.

Now given that the value of the Euro was almost the same as the pound in 2008 and heading for €1.30 now, this is a giant leap in spending power for those investing with stronger currencies.

There is little reason to believe that Europe’s problems will be sorted out anytime soon, so investors in Spanish property will find this an ideal time to look again at Spanish property as more than just a holiday home in the sun.

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