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Inci Palas

Istanbul, Turkey

  • Prices from £44,000 / $69,150

  • 12% Return Over Two Years - Guaranteed
  • Low Risk - Key-Ready
  • Over 80% Sold


  • Sauna


  • Parking


  • Internet


  • Gym


  • 24hr Security

    24hr Security

Istanbul Is Set To See 50% Growth And These Stunning Apartments Start At Just £44k / $69k.


Istanbul is booming. On a day trip, you see more Ferraris and Maseratis than you’ll spot in London in a week. The scent of opulence in the air is every bit as spicy as the aroma from the bazaars.

No wonder. The EU’s top economists have predicted that Turkey will become Europe’s fastest-growing nation. The Financial Times placed it in its top ten of investment locations.

Turkey has a huge shortage of housing, too. The country needs half-a-million new housing units by 2015, half of which are in Istanbul.

Growing, Growing, Growing

So amazing is this city, that 14% year-on-year growth is the current norm and landlords benefit from huge tenant demand.

All the better then, that this property is so affordable. Inci Palas’s 48 luxury, one, two and three-bed apartments not only come with highly attractive starting prices of just £44,000 / $69,150, but they are key-ready, NOW.

You need to find a deposit of 50% (but on a £44,000 / $69,150 property, that’s only £22,000 / $34,575). And, being in vibrant, rapidly developing Istanbul, experts are predicting 50% growth in double-quick time.

Here’s What You’ll Love About Inci Palas

  • Prices from £44,000 / $69,150
  • 12% Return Guaranteed Over Two Years (2 Bed Units Only)
  • Key-Ready
  • One, Two and Three-Bed Apartments
  • 50% Projected Growth
  • No Finder’s Fee Guarantee

12% Return Guaranteed Over Two Years (2 Bed Units Only)

TypeInvestmentRental Guarantee % Per YearGuaranteed Return Per Year Guaranteed Return Over Two Years
2 Bed Apartment £70,000 / $110,000 6% £4,000 / $6,600 £8,400 / $13,200

Beautiful Istanbul Apartments

Inci Palas apartments, on the European side of Istanbul, are of special interest to renters, too – because they’re beautiful. They come with:

  • Fitness Centre
  • Sauna
  • Meeting Room
  • Underground Parking
  • 24-Hour Security
  • Concierge Services
  • Six Tasteful, Upmarket Shops

If you’re interested in Inci Palas, you’ll need to beat the locals. The Istanbul property market is growing quickly and is one of the leading world markets for capital growth. That means top developments like this won’t hang around for ever.

Estimated Capital Growth Projections

Estimated capital growth projection for a £60,000 apartment at Inci Palas.

Compound Growth Calculation

Property Market Cycles

Timing your entry and exit in a property market is a key element in becoming a successful investor. The diagram below shows a typical property market cycle.

The eagle-eyed property investor should invest at the end of a recession, the bottom, or the recovery stage, whilst looking to realise profits by selling or by releasing equity during the expansion and peak stages.

Many experts have now concluded that Turkey’s Real Estate market has just passed the recovery stage.

Simple Purchase Process

Investing at Inci Palas is as easy as 1-2-3. This is all you have to do:

  1. Reservation fee of £2000
  2. 50% Deposit
  3. 50% On Completion


“My wife and I are looking to build a portfolio of city centre apartments in top cities around the world. We missed out on London and NYC, but we see Istanbul as the next big thing. Thank you for assisting us with our first Istanbul buy-to-let investment. Your all round service, legal and management program is excellent.”

Patrick and Lorna Saunders, United Kingdom – invested in Istanbul, Turkey

“I am an experienced investor who has bought 40 properties over the last 15 years. I can say that all the fundamentals in Turkey look very strong. This is my fourth purchase with Colordarcy in the last 2 years. I have been well looked after, I now only use Colordarcy to buy my properties for me. Nothing is ever too much for them and they actually go and see the property they are selling which my previous company did not do.”

Mohammed Al Futaim, Dubai – invested in Istanbul, Turkey

“I bought Istanbul property because this will be a very big opportunity for me to establish a portfolio of properties. I believe I will make big growth within 5 years.”

Ismail Salem, Jordan – invested in Istanbul, Turkey

“I have invested with Colordarcy for a few years now and have bought several properties from them in different countries. Turkey is now my next big adventure as I can see that there is 500,000 housing deficit and no one can build that fast to make up this deficit, so demand will be stronger than supply and usually brings big capital growth. Thank you.”

Andrey Orlov, Russia – invested in Istanbul, Turkey

No Finder’s Fee Guarantee

You can be rest assured that when you purchase a property from Colordarcy that we will not add on a finder’s fee.

The developer/seller is responsible for our remuneration – not you.

We Cover All Angles

We are a full service company and, as such, we make it easy for you to purchase at Inci Palas. Below you will find a list of some of the services you can expect when you purchase a property from Colordarcy.

  • We process all relevant paperwork
  • We open your international bank account
  • We apply for non-resident tax numbers
  • We manage the property on your behalf
  • We find you reliable tenants
  • We provide property maintenance and refurbishment services
  • We provide currency management services – to ensure you obtain the best rates
  • We introduce you to taxation specialist that can advise on your specific tax situation
  • We provide Aftercare services from our UK client management contact centre
  • We provide Before and Aftercare.

No other Turkey property investment specialist provides such a comprehensive service.

Beat The Locals To Your Inci Palas Investment

Run-of-the-mill developments in Istanbul are ten a penny. But Inci Palas is special. Locals are already showing interest. Once publicity gets into top gear, these apartments will move fast. So be quick.

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Loxley McKenzie
Managing Director

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