10 Good Reasons To Invest In Florida’s Cash Flow Positive Properties

Reason 1: Grab Yourself A Bargain!

We all like a bargain and as property investors we like them even more so. However, there are signs that those huge $150,000 discounts are coming to an end as the market recovers and growth returns. Property remains undervalued, so taking advantage of this window of opportunity should be high on any investor’s agenda.


Reason 2: Strong And Growing Tourist Market

Tourism is worth an annual estimated $57 billion to the Florida economy and a 4.1% increase in hotel bookings in 2012 has been greeted as a sign that Florida is well on the road to recovery. The extra jobs this brings to the state will provide an extra boost to the rental market in areas close to tourist hotspots like Orlando.


Reason 3: No State Tax

There is no state tax in Florida which has positioned the state as a shelter state for wealth for both individuals and corporations and of course you, the property investor.


Reason 4: Unique Combination Of Knowledge And Infrastructure

No other location in the western hemisphere can match Florida’s unique combination of a strategic geographic position, strong knowledge base, state-of-the-art infrastructure, entrepreneurial spirit, and concentration of corporate and financial resources.


Reason 5: Industry Growth

The area’s industry growth is focused on the professional medical and business service sector; all these are likely to see significant growth and investment both now and in the near future.


Reason 6: Strong Rental Demand For Quality Real Estate

Rental returns on tenanted properties in carefully selected areas can yield approximately $10,000 per annum.


Reason 7: Foreign Direct Investment

The state has emerged as a hotspot for foreign direct investment (FDI), where total holdings by non-US companies are valued at $40 billion. Investment brings employment and demand for housing.


Reason 8: Fastest Growing U.S. State

Over 350,000 people move to Florida every year, making it the fastest growing US State. The Gulf Coast is particularly popular with second home buyers and investors.


Reason 9: Strong Demand

Baby Boomers are retiring in record numbers and flocking to the Sunshine State to invest in second homes. These are joined by investors notably from Canada and other international investors looking for their own piece of the Florida sunshine. This trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.


Reason 10: Price Growth

Prices are rising in the large metropolitan areas, most notably in Orlando, Tampa and Miami, which have all seen astonishing growth, even before the recovery was underway.


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