3 Mind Blowing Things I Learnt About Investment From A Boxer And A Book

Funny isn’t it how life can point you in a direction you would never have thought of going.

I like boxing and one day I decided to look up this boxer and how he became a heavyweight champion by beating Muhammad Ali in 1973.

This was a fight nobody expected this boxer with a unique, unorthodox style to win. Four years earlier he had lost to an unknown fighter from Puerto Rico, even  getting himself knocked out in the process.    

The boxer was Ken Norton and he would go on to fight Ali twice more after that shock win giving him further scares both times. He became one of the most feared heavyweight boxers giving most of his opponents a hard time in the ring with his hard to beat style.  

His inspiration for that first big win according to his autobiography was a book about personal development written in the 1930s. The book is called Think And Grow Rich.

I had never read this book or heard of it until I found out about it through the story of this boxer, yet this was a book that inspired him to greatness. Here’s what I learned when I read it myself:

  1. We are free to do whatever we want in life. We are free to marry who we choose .We are free to set up a business doing whatever we want or we are free to get a job. We are free to learn what we choose to learn and choose the books that will teach us those things.

    WE ARE ALSO FREE TO INVEST IN AS MUCH PROPERTY AND  WEALTH AS WE WANT TO ACCUMULATE. People in the past did not have these freedoms. People in many countries in the 1930s did not have these freedoms. Use that freedom.

  2. Do you know what is top of the list of the main causes of failure? FAILING TO MAKE A DECISION. Failing to act when the time is right. The world’s richest people will all have one thing in common – the ability to make quick decisions and stick by them.

    They don’t take their time and they don’t change their minds often. Changing your mind all the time is one of the biggest threats to achieving something in your life – be decisive. 

  3. AND FINALLY, a quality all the world’s most successful people have is persistence. Without persistence you will not stick to your goal.

    At the first sign of failure most people give up. You see this everyday in sport. The head goes down and faith disappears. Faced with having to fight the most feared and successful boxer of his generation, Norton didn’t give up, just like all the successful investors who keep their head up and believe they will grow rich no matter what. They usually do.

Have you ever been inspired to achieve something by a book you have read? Please share your successes with us below:

Kind regards

Brett Tudor
Property Expert

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