An Award-Winning Approach
To Customer Service

At Colordarcy, we understand that investing in property can be complicated. Like trying to learn a new language without a guide, or finding your way without a map. But we believe it needn’t be.

Before a buy-to-let property reaches our books, we scrutinise the market from the ground up to make sure it offers long-term potential. So we’ve already done a lot of the hard work for you, before you even meet us.

When we are introduced, you’ll benefit from our industry-leading before and aftercare.

This means we take the time to answer all your questions, and provide you with the details you need to make an informed choice. We’ll be there by your side, to see you through the process from start to finish.

It’s an approach that gives our investors security and success. And which has won us awards from the Association of International Property Professionals.


    Best Transparent Marketing Campaign


    Best Agent x2


    Most Outstanding Example Of Customer Service x2

The company went well beyond what was required from them on a subject not related to their service. A sterling example of putting the customer first.

AIPP Judge (Most Outstanding Example Of Customer Service)

Colordarcy is an innovator, Their due diligence process is extremely robust and their attention to detail when getting an understanding of their clients' needs and wants is first class.

AIPP Judge (Best Agent)


Inspiring Change In The Property Industry

At Colordarcy, we believe that what’s good for you as an investor, is good for the industry as a whole.

As members of the Association of International Property Professionals, you can trust that we hold ourselves to the highest standards – and will always act with honesty, integrity and transparency.

By using an AIPP regulated company like Colordarcy, you get:

REASSURANCE – that we must act professionally

RECOURSE – to the AIPP if in the unlikely event you are not amazed by our service

RESULTS– from answering all your investment questions to strong returns on your investment as part of our commitment to providing a transparent, successful service

Along with the AIPP, we’re working hard to make sure the property investment industry always puts its investors first.

AIPP Code of Conduct

The Property Ombudsman Service

Holding Ourselves To The Highest Standards

You wouldn’t buy a car with a faulty engine or scratched paintwork. And you wouldn’t choose a property investment company that isn’t committed to offering you the best service possible.

So it’s good to know, we expect just as much from ourselves as you do. That’s why we’re subscribed to The Property Ombudsman service (TPO), which shows we’re committed to maintaining high standards across our service.

The benefits of this to you, as an investor, include:

CONFIDENCE – knowing Colordarcy goes above and beyond what’s currently required in the property investment industry.

CONSISTENT SERVICE – we’re bound to Codes of Practice that enforce first class, professional service.

COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT – in the unlikely event of something not quite going to plan, and we could not find a great solution for you, you can have an independent review directly with the TPO, free of charge.