What In The World
Does Colordarcy Mean?

Colordarcy. A curious sounding name that was literally dreamt up by one of our founders. We like to think it helps us stand out from the crowd, along with our core values of trust, collaboration and integrity.

From when we began in 2008, we’ve always lived up to our founding goal: to help investors find beautiful properties that provide strong growth returns and a positive cash flow income. In short, properties that pay for themselves, giving you the power and freedom to design the lifestyle you want.

Our Story

We may still be considered the shiny, young guns of the property investment world, but we’ve certainly achieved a lot in our time. Take a peek at our history…



Our first footsteps led us to the land of Samba, Caipirinha and sexy football.

Why? Because on top of all that, in 2008 the Brazil property market was one of the fastest growing in the world.

We kicked things off with stunning city centre developments in Natal, Fortaleza and Rio. The majority of the opportunities we marketed then have now doubled in value.

Nós amamos Brasil!


We switched things up in the Sunshine State of Florida.

A super popular property hotspot for people looking for a holiday home in the sun.

But we saw a different story. The global recession had led Florida property prices to fall by up to 70%. And we realised, you get a far more stable income return by  investing in Florida Buy-to-Let properties that are rented out to locals.

After all, tourists may stay for a while, but the locals have to live somewhere too.

We made it even simpler for investors, by finding opportunities where the tenants were already in place. The icing on the cake? We added full service management, accounting and taxation services.


Moving to atlanta

Following the success our investors experienced from their Florida investments, we took the same model to Atlanta.

With prices 70% below their peak value and Net rental returns of up to 10%, it was no surprise that Atlanta properties became the star buys of 2010.

In other news, we also established our partnership with MoneyCorp Currency Solutions, to help our investors benefit from lower currency transfers.


Focus on Istanbul

This year, we fixed our focus on Istanbul. This ancient city was experiencing an inflow of foreign direct investment, and becoming one of the world’s most buoyant emerging markets.

City centre apartments put our investors at the heart of the action, giving them the potential of strong growth and income returns.

First Award

Round of applause: Colordarcy wins AIPP Award for “Most Transparent Marketing Campaign.”

Here’s what the judges had to say about us:

“Transparency was shown throughout their marketing campaigns, giving the customer all the required details to make an informed decision…brilliant.”


Pour the champagne: Colordarcy wins AIPP Awards for “Most Outstanding Example Of Customer Service” and “Best Agent”.

Here’s a glowing review from the judges:

“The company went well beyond what was required from them on a subject not related to their service. A sterling example of putting the customer first.”


Returning Home

After searching far and wide for the best opportunities on the global market, we turned our expertise to our home ground, diving into the swelling UK Buy-to-Let market.

This led to the launch of several successful UK properties.

Award Win

Clink the glasses: Colordarcy wins AIPP Award for “Best Agent.”

Colordarcy receives AIPP Highly Commended Award for “Most Outstanding Example Of Customer Service”.

Here’s the judges view from this year (we’re starting to blush now):

“Colordarcy is an innovator. Their due diligence process is extremely robust and their attention to detail when getting an understanding of their clients’ needs and wants is first class.”


Moving on up

Colordarcy sign up for new investor meeting facilities in Canary Wharf, London’s premier financial district.


Tax Back

Colordarcy joined forces with Tax Back Inc – a global taxation firm, specialising in helping investors to mitigate their taxation liabilities.

What next? Join us and see…