Affordable Atlanta offers great deals

Like much of the United States Atlanta property has suffered in the recent downturn which means prices are very affordable, and this time offers the best opportunity to buy since the late 1990s, not least because interest rates are so low. It is still very much a buyer’s market as many potential homebuyers are struggling to get finance making it the ideal time to negotiate a great deal, but these conditions cannot last much longer.

There are lots of good investment properties for sale which offer a high net return, and it’s possible to buy a newly built three-bedroom townhouse for well under $50,000 that still has home warranty and which offers a 12% net return. A lot of properties are even cheaper and can be bought with the existing tenants already in place. These types of turn-key investments require very little input from the property investor making a hassle-free investment which is ideal for the overseas owner who is unable to check up regularly on the property.

Atlanta is a great place to invest in because it is a very fast growing metropolitan area with a population of around 6 million. Although the downturn has made a difference to the local economy the city has eleven of the Fortune 500 companies with such household names as CNN, Coca-Cola and Delta airlines. It also has a large financial district and the third largest airport in America. These factors combined with the year-round good weather make it very attractive to people from outside the area so there is no doubt that they will just keep on coming, and all will need somewhere to live.