An Old Person Will Visit You One Day

Pensioner An old person will visit you one day.

This old pensioner will have lived a cautious life right up until retirement. Unfortunately that life was lived in a time of great upheaval in the global economy.

Yet even when it was clear that standing still was not an option, this old person never took a risk.

The pensioner visiting you no longer has enough money because all those stories about economies that would never recover. They made some investments look too risky.

This pensioner took notice of all the headlines about the next Great Depression. It scared them off investing overseas.  So they made a decision to play it safe at home rather than take a chance and invest their income.

The sad thing is, this pensioner believed those who said that the days when you could make money from property were gone.

So it was decided that putting money in a pension was the safest option. This was what most people did.

The pensioner put more away in an ISA because because at the time it felt like money would be safer locked away in the vaults of the bank.

The years went by, the clock kept on ticking.

Unfortunately that pension lost more than 50% of its value in those turbulent early years.

The ISA only paid a small amount of interest – not even enough to clear any debts because the interest on those was higher. So too was inflation as governments sought to inflate their way out of trouble.

As a result of all this, the unfortunate pensioner now visiting you only has £3,000 a year to live on. Not enough to pay for anything except maybe heating and food.

The pensioner said goodbye to the good life paid for by that income from employment a long time ago.

Nothing can change now because it is just too late to invest for this pensioner – time has run out.

Fear not. You can help this pensioner.

It will cost only a modest investment in an asset that will pay for itself. It will even give you the opportunity to spread your risk and help this poor old person live a more comfortable life.

There is still time to help this pensioner by not putting all your eggs in one basket and taking a risk here and there. Above all, however, helping this pensioner is in your best interests.

Because that pensioner is you.

Avoid a visit from this poor old pensioner in the future by investing in assets that generate a long-term income like property.

Kind regards

Brett Tudor
Property Expert

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