Atlanta Presents a Real Opportunity for a Bargain

Atlanta has suffered during the recent economic downturn, and properties have decreased significantly in value, perhaps more so than the rest of the United States. This means there are considerable bargains available at below market value for the buy to let investor. The situation cannot last for very long as many are beginning to recognise the opportunities in this state.

Part of the reason for these low prices is that the Atlanta banks hold large housing inventories which they are seeking to offload. This is because they understand there is unlikely to be any more bail out money and that it is better to cut their losses and get rid of the properties. It’s possible to buy homes that have halved in price from the full market value but which will raise hefty rental incomes. Buying one of these homes is a great way to create instant equity with immediate cash flow.

This state represents excellent value for money at the moment and is considered to be one of the best locations in the United States as it has a very diverse economy and is a fast growing metropolitan centre. Forbes magazine rates it as the number one rental market. It is also number one for being the least costly US city to do business in, while it is number two on America’s list of best cities to relocate to.

The Atlanta property market is the softest it has been for the last 50 years, and this is definitely a situation that cannot last. You do not need to have significant sums of money to invest as it is the lower end of the rental market that will generate the most income, with many people looking to pay less than $1000 a month rental to live in a newer property.