Barack Obama: Positive Effect On Brazil Real Estate

Brazil property investors could be interested to hear that Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva believes Barack Obama’s election to the White House represents democracy.

Barack Obama

The Brazilian leader called Obama’s election, the first black in the US history to become president, “an extraordinary achievement”. He stressed that the president elect is “a person who has demonstrated political skill”.

Lula said he hopes that Obama will have a stronger connection with Latin America and Africa and in special with South America and Brazil. “I hope that Obama has a policy more geared to the productive development in Latin America”, Lula told journalists in Bras?a this Wednesday, November 5, 2008, after a ceremony to celebrate the 20 years of the Brazilian latest Constitution.

And the continued “I have no doubt that on the part of Brazil we are going to continue building this productive partnership that we have with the USA. And I hope that it can improve with the Obama administration”.

Lula asked for an end to the subsidies that Washington gives to American producers – a core issue in the negotiations on global trade – as well as an end to the US embargo to Cuba, imposed to the island in the 60s. “There is no explanation in the history of mankind for the blockade to Cuba”, argued Lula.

The Brazilian president also talked about the Israelis and their Arab neighbours: “I hope he is able to finally reach a peace agreement in the Middle East, because for decades this has been tried and it hasn’t succeeded”.

Later in the day, Lula came back to the US election subject and commented: “We, Brazilians, are after Nigeria the second largest black nation in the world and we need to be optimistic, hopeful and have much pride, because it is not small potatoes to elect a black president of the United States. As Brazilians we are happy with the election. And we will be even happier if the US relations get better with our subcontinent”.

The president of Brazil’s Supreme Court, Gilmar Mendes, called Obama’s victory “a special moment”. However, he warned that “campaign is something and management, administration is something else”. “It is fundamental that there are definitions, especially at this time in the world economy”, added Mendes.