Brazil Attracts Canadian Tourists

Recent reports indicate that holidaymakers from Canada are increasingly choosing to take their holidays in Brazil.According to Air Canada Vacations, the South American country is one of this year’s tourist hotspots and most desirable locations.

Doug Vogl, director of international development at the company, commented: “Recent travel trends point to South America as the hottest new tourist destination for Canadians.”

Speaking to, he added that the firm was responding to this demand by expanding its Brazilian programme this year.

This will be good news for owners of rental property in the country, as it suggests that the demand for tourist accommodation is set to increase in the next few months.

As a result, this may tempt more investors to consider purchasing property for Brazil in order to capitalise on the growing market.

According to Finance Daily, property values in the country are rising at a significant pace and attracting considerable interest as a result.

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