Brazil Investment Hotspots – Fortaleza

Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, has seen property prices rise in double digits in the last 12 months and in excess of 20% per annum before that. It is the wealthiest city in the north-east of Brazil and is currently experiencing a tourism boom. This is because the beaches in the city are second to none, making it one of the most appealing cities in Brazil.

Residents of Rio and Sao Paulo who like a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city believe Fortaleza to be more exotic. This makes it a popular holiday destination for Brazilian people and the middle class who aspire to buy holiday homes there. The business and middle-class community is particularly strong and demand for city-centre apartments is at an all-time high pushing up the value of property to record levels.

The exciting thing about this city for investors, is that it is still seeing development as part of a 15-year plan to improve local transport and infrastructure. President Rousseff has committed a further R$2 billion worth of further investment.

This investment will pay for the ongoing development of the rail system. The next stage of the city’s metro extension will include 12 km of subway line east of Fortaleza, with 12 underground stations and one above-ground. The new railway system will serve the municipalities of Fortaleza, Caucaia, Maracanaú, Maranguape and Pacatuba.


Key Area: Meireles

Brazilians love their beaches and the best beach in Fortaleza can be found in Meireles, which has excellent infrastructure including shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurants and schools.

Having easy access to the beach in Fortaleza is what the locals want and aspire to as they take part in a range of activities, including beach volleyball, surfing and chilling out in the beach bars. Meireles Beach is most definitely, the place to be seen in Fortaleza even if you’re just taking a stroll.

This has of course, stimulated demand for property and a number of high-rise apartment developments have been built to serve local-demand.


Key Area: Porto das Dunas

Porto das Dunas is an area where wealthy local residents go to relax and unwind from a hard day at the office. It is also well placed for a short commute into the city centre and is a popular weekend destination for Fortaleza’s residents.

The area is also among the most attractive in the city with stunning natural landscapes, white sand dunes, crystal-clear water, lagoons and groves of palm trees, to name but a few of the attractions. It is also home to Beach Park, South America’s largest aquatic park.

With a wealthy population living in Porto das Dunas, investors can expect healthy capital appreciation for years to come.


Key Area: Aldeota

Aldeota is Fortaleza’s hub of business and social activity and is largely populated by middle and upper middle class residents. Here you will find several of the city’s major shopping complexes and high-end office buildings, along with a wide choice of great restaurants and nightspots. Again, expect property prices to rise here fast and the rental market to grow strongly.