Brazil Investment Hotspots – Natal

Properties near beach resorts in Natal are attracting rental yields of around 10% a year, making it one of the best cash flow property destinations for foreign investors. Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte State, is blessed with fantastic beaches, a hot sunny climate and vast sand dunes that make it a playground for dune-buggy riding tourists and sun worshippers alike.

The air in Natal is also the purest in the world, according to a study carried out by NASA, and crime rates are low in comparison to most Brazilian cities. The city gets 300 days of sun per year and an average year-round temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, which makes it a major attraction to tourists and those who arrive to live here and enjoy the excellent quality of life.

Those who live and work in the city are the fourth-highest-paid among Brazil’s north-eastern cities and rank fifth in Brazil in terms of buying power, which is great news for those wishing to buy property in the city.


Key Area: Petropolis

If you can imagine the trendiest area of a city near you, then Petropolis, Natal’s most sought-after suburb, is Brazil’s version of it. Developers have moved in to build designer apartments aimed at Natal’s fast-growing middle-class population. Most of the apartments are currently selling within weeks of coming onto the market, making it a real goldmine for overseas property investors.

Young professionals who work in the city are able to take advantage of the newly affordable finance offered by the Brazilian government, which means they are currently flooding to Petrópolis in large numbers. Rental yields from property in Petropolis should at least reach 10%, matching those in the best areas of the city or they may well be higher, depending on the development and the amenities that surround it.


Key Area: Capim Macio

Capim Macio in southern Natal is regarded as one of the four most exclusive residential neighbourhoods in the city. It also has the highest monthly average income, which means property prices are driven up by the wealthy middle classes moving into the area.

Capim Macio is of particular interest when it comes to rental property. It is an area that is expected to record the highest capital appreciation over the next five years, which will result in even fewer people being able to afford to buy property here. They will be more likely to consider the option of renting instead.

The government has invested R$43 million into the infrastructure in Capim Macio since 2008 and the area is now full of shops, bars, restaurants, shopping centres and a university. It is also within easy reach of the business district. As a result, high rental yields of 9-10% are easily achievable.


Key Area: Ponta Negra

The average price per square metre of property in Natal is around R$4,000; however, in the most sought-after locations such as Ponta Negra, the price per square metre can set you back as much as R$7,000, making it one of the hottest districts in Natal.

The growth of Ponta Negra is largely fuelled by tourism. Along the northern coast, towns such as Genipabú and Maracajaú are big hits, as is a nearby town called Jacumã, where the most expensive condominium was valued at the equivalent of $3 million. Our investment hotel, Mercure Natal, is also located in Ponta Negra.