Brazil Launches Global Tourism Campaign

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism has launched a global tourism campaign to double the number of international visitors it receives by 2010.The ‘Brazil Sensational’ programme, which involves an extensive advertising campaign and a revamped website, was unveiled in the US last week, with Brazilian president Luiz In?o Lula da Silva welcomed by several government ministers, journalists and dignitaries.

“We want it to be that Brazil is the best known tourism destination in the international market,” explained Jeanine Pires, the president of Embratur, responsible for the promotion of Brazil. “Therefore, the focus of our campaign is just to emphasize the diversity of Brazilian tourism.”

After the US launch, Brazilian officials travelled to the UK to kick off its European promotional tour. Flanked by Luiz Felipe Scolari, manager of English football side Chelsea, the launch attracted 150 tour operators, journalists and government officials.

“In the European bloc, the United Kingdom stands out among the regions that are increasing the number of annual visits to Brazil and in our promotional strategy, is put as one of the in the highest priorities,” added Pires.

According to Embratur, 177,000 Brits travelled to the country in 2007 and its goal is to increase this to 300,000 by 2010.

Alongside the US and UK, the advertising will be run across a variety of media in: Canada, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Holland and Italy. Each of them will be an adaptation of the campaign according to their characteristics and knowledge about Brazil.

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