Brazil World Cup 2014 – Let The Games Begin

The day has finally come and excitement is spreading rapidly across the world – Brazil World Cup is about to kick off.  

We’d love to take this opportunity to wish you all a great month! To those of you who are lucky enough to be travelling to this wonderful country and those who will enjoy the games in front of a TV in a pub or at home! Brazil has won World Cup a record-breaking 5 times, will they succeed again? 

For us, at Colordarcy, this year’s games are truly special as it was Brazil where our property investment journey started, and thanks to beautiful Brazil – we are here today!

It was love at the first sight – we couldn’t resist Brazil’s rich culture, friendly people, beautiful environment or the property market. Of course – much has changed since that time, our investment portfolio covers much of the world right now, but it was Brazil that inspired us in the first place and it shall stay close to our hearts forever.

We believe this will be the greatest World Cup ever…because Brazil knows how to put on a party!

Have a great time everyone!

The Colordarcy Team

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