Brazilian Boom Highlights Need for Fresh Talent

Brazil - Pauba BeachThe Brazilian boom is highlighting the need for talented employees, and multinational companies are taking measures to address this issue. Many are increasing the number of internships or are relocating workers from declining markets. They are also having to spend more on salaries and training.

English speaking managers and engineers are particularly in demand, as are those who have experience in business development. Multinational companies are competing with local firms for hiring the best new employees, and while some of the shortfall is being met by for-profit schools, many firms have to educate their own staff.

An example would be audio equipment maker Harmon International Industries Inc. which now trains Brazilian engineers in California and Indiana for three to six month periods, and such staff are highly in demand. This is creating additional problems in that staff poaching is becoming more common, as once trained their market value can double. This is leading to companies relying more heavily on interns to fill vital gaps.

Siemens AG currently has 10,000 staff in Brazil, and plans to add a further 800 this year alone. Many of them will be hired from interns to fill positions in finance and engineering. One of the problems they are facing is that it is becoming very difficult to find anyone with several years of experience. To counteract this they are relocating employees from Spain, Portugal and the US, where the markets are declining. Other companies such as Otis Elevator Co. are choosing to target potential employees before they even finish school, and is partnering up with technical colleges across Brazil.

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