Brazilian Property Industry Happy with Election Result

The election of Dilma Rousseff to succeed the people’s favourite Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is being hailed as the best result the property market could have hoped for, by the industry. The main reason being that she is expected to continue and perhaps even expand the housing reforms started by her predecessor.

‘With the election of Rousseff, the Brazilian property market has at least another ten years of growth. The Workers Party government was the best thing that could have happened in the history of construction in the country since it was the only ruling party that has created real incentives for the industry,’ said Flavio Cabrera of Lopes Real Estate Consultants, in Porto Alegre and Rio Grande do Sul.

Initiating reform packages like Minha Casa, Minha Vida (my house my life), which is a program of assistance and incentives helping low-income families to buy homes, and Bolsa Familiar, an anti poverty scheme, Da Silva is responsible for generating massive growth in demand for housing in Brazil. He has also been successful in making it much easier for Brazilians to obtain mortgages.

During Da Silva’s governance some 20 million Brazilians brought out of poverty and 29 million added to the Brazilian middle class. This led to housing demand soaring, which has created a massive supply shortfall. This obviously is a fantastic opportunity for property investors.

We have always known that affordable housing development in emerging markets presented a good investment opportunity, but until recently the only way to profit from such investments was indirectly through funds and shares. This is no longer the case in Brazil.

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