Brazilian Property Market Prepares for Booming 2011

The Brazilian economy looks set for strong growth in 2011 as increased domestic consumer demand, and earnings look set to increase by a considerable percentage. The economy here may present a much more favourable investment than other parts of the world, in particular China and other Far Eastern countries where inflation calming measures have had to be implemented.

The inflation rates in Brazil are expected to remain stable, and interest rates are not expected to rise dramatically as they are already quite high when compared with other western countries. These factors should enable growth to continue; in fact the GDP rate in Brazil is the same as China.

The fact that it is poised to overtake Britain and France as the worlds fifth largest economy has not gone unnoticed by the major investors. The economy overall is considered to be very strong as Brazil has many natural resources.

The downside is that the infrastructure needs considerable investment, and the country is already behind with planning for the 2014 World Cup, but considerable investments have already been made.

The country is appointing a new president on January 1st but it is expected that she will keep economic policies the same, which means conditions will continue to be beneficial for foreign investors. It is especially beneficial to investors who can obtain funding from other countries where interest rates are lower.

The high rate of growth combined with increased consumer wealth should fuel the market for housing in the next few years, especially in a country where home ownership is a rapidly growing sector. Many Brazilian people are now aspiring towards saving for their own home as the mortgage market develops. All pointing to a bright property market in 2011

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