The Day A Porsche Drove Into My Living Room

Surprised? Come to think of it I was. I couldn’t believe it.

Not many people have seen a Porsche drive into their living room, yet there it was right in front of me.  

A Porsche is a super car, but who would want a precision engineered German sports car blocking their view of the TV?

On this occasion, I didn’t mind, it wasn’t blocking my view. In fact it wasn’t even in the living room because I have a confession.

It was in the building plans. I was just being shown around the concept of what this $4,550,000 apartment in Miami will look like when it is finished.  

I turned to the guy showing me around and asked, “Does this car come with the apartment?”

“Yes, sir”, he said “What did you expect? This is the Porsche Design Tower”

For a 30% down payment it could be yours. 

How would you feel about having a Porsche parked in your living room?

Kind regards
Loxley McKenzie

Managing Director


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