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Colordarcy Investment Ltd sources worldwide real estate for property investors together with providing distribution services for real estate developers, partners and associated third parties. The website www.colordarcy.com is not an online purchasing website and Colordarcy Investment Ltd does not transact business on behalf of property investors.

Colordarcy Investment Ltd does not accept any responsibility for anything related to investors contact with any third parties, whether they were recommended by Colordarcy Investment Ltd or not. Any business that investors conduct or entertain through any third party is done entirely at their own risk. Investors should always consult suitable professionals for appropriate advice.

Colordarcy Investment Ltd cannot be held liable, whether in contract negligence or otherwise, for any losses. Colordarcy Investment Ltd does not accept liability for any acts, omissions or defaults of any cooperating partners through whom investors may deal with as a result of information provided by Colordarcy Investment Ltd. This is also the case for any other type of third party, whether Colordarcy Investment Ltd has collaboration agreements with them or not. Investors acknowledge that real estate development projects in some countries may involve different or greater risks and that the potential for profit or loss from transactions in some countries may be affected by fluctuations in exchange rates.

In relation to any reports and other documentation and information supplied, Colordarcy Investment Ltd makes no representation and gives no warranty as regards to the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the content in its totality. Investors should always seek advice from relevant professionals with regards to specific information.

Colordarcy Investment Ltd shall not be liable for failure to fulfil any obligation or breach, if such failure or breach was due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

Colordarcy Investment Ltd gives no guarantee that any event will enhance the value of investors’ real estate. Real estate prices may change quickly and may go down as well as up. The past is not necessarily a guide to the future. The real estate market may become less liquid making it difficult to sell. Investors should always consult suitable professionals for appropriate advice.