Egypt and Hurghada Property Hot Investments

Egypt property continues to make a name for itself as one of the hottest investments on the planet, in fact in our eyes it is a tossup between Turkey and Egypt to name the hottest overseas property investment destination to emerge from the ashes of the credit crunch.

Driving Egypt’s popularity with investors at the private level is Hurghada.

During the early stages of the overseas property revival, all the talk was of the wealthy buyers being first out of the gate to bag bargains, with Marbella, the Caribbean, French Chateaus on the Cote d’Azure and generally prime properties in prime locations were taking most of the sales. The low budget buyers that were active were buying property in Hurghada and this is still the case.

The difference being that in recent months we have began witnessing the revival of lower budget buyers on a much larger scale.

Hurghada property is the low budget holiday home buyer, investor and holiday home investors dream come true; with top quality resort properties not far from the beach available from just £10,000.

We shouldn’t focus on low budget buyers though, because Hurghada investment properties offer potentially huge returns.

The resort property market has developed almost hand in hand with rapidly growing tourism. Thus, resorts built to meet the growing tourism demand have been sold as off plan investment properties; giving investors to buy properties that will become part of the mainstream holiday property supply. That is why you see so many properties in Hurghada offering guaranteed rental yields.

For example, we are currently marketing the SAMRA BAY Marina and Spa Resort, offering a guaranteed rental yield of 8% for 8 years, and also guaranteed buy back for 125% of the purchase price.

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