Everything You Need To Know About The New London Crossrail

Apart from world’s first Underground railway opened in 1863, London has many other rail networks used by millions of commuters every day, including London Overground, District Light Railway (DLR), National Rail and Tram service.

Even all these, however, are not enough to accommodate the increasing number of passengers, especially those on London Underground trains. Because the tube system is so old, there is very limited space for improvement in terms of capacity.

Crossrail is a new railway line providing high-frequency passenger service across Greater London. The construction of this 118km (73 miles) long railway began in 2009 and the network is due to be fully operational in 2018.

Crossrail Train

It will run through Heathrow in the west, Paddington, Bond Street and Liverpool Street stations in central London, and through Stratford in the east.



The project will drive urban regeneration of the newly connected areas and have a significant impact on the property prices. That’s great news for those of you who are looking into investing in London right now, you may say that it’s the right place and the right time.

London Crossrail Times

Over 40 new stations will create numerous opportunities and some places may see property prices soaring by up to 60% within the next four years! Some areas experienced significant growth since the moment the Crossrail project was approved.

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