Everything You Need To Know About Purchase Costs In Brazil

Those investing in Brazilian property right now are enjoying a cocktail of high capital growth and solid rental yields. This is attracting the attention of investors from all over the world who are keen to secure their own piece of paradise while conditions remain ripe for investment. Real estate is still cheap by European and US standards and so is labour, so you have the ideal conditions in place for property investment.

In the same way that one person may want a BMW and the other a Ferrari, we are aware that each client will have a different investment objective and also set out from a different starting point. However, regardless of which property type or location you choose, typically similar purchase costs would apply:

Government Purchase Tax
This is between 2% and 7% depending on the cost of the property.

Stamp Duty (also known as Purchase Tax)
This is between 3%-4% of the purchase price.

Notary Office (Title Deed and Registration of the Deed)
Brazil applies a low 2% property transfer tax on real estate property.

Administrative Expenses (CPF Number)
Approximately 1% of the purchase cost.

Legal Fees
Approximately 1%-2% of the purchase cost