Florida Property Buyers Guide 2009

Colordarcy are proud to present our ‘Florida Property Buyers Guide 2009’ to our VIP Members.

Florida Property Buyers Guide

Florida Property Buyers Guide

This must read guide, with over 20 pages packed full of invaluable advice, real life case studies and up-to-date facts and figures, will provide the astute investor with all the information they need to know before buying a Florida holiday home or investment property.

Florida affords the astute investor with opportunities to benefit from property prices at the bottom of the cycle, while taking advantage of an area with outstanding economic prospects.

Our FREE ‘Florida Property Buyers Guide 2009’ will give full details on how to take advantage of this lucrative market.

Florida Buyers Guide in a Nutshell

Economic Outlook: An overview of Florida’s booming economy.

Investment Overview: Insight into the 10 key fundamentals that are driving Florida’s property market.

Property Hotspots Revealed: For the first time, we reveal the areas that give the investor the greatest opportunity to maximise returns.

Legal Implications: All your legal questions answered and details of how to avoid any pitfalls.

Buying Procedures: The most complete and up-to-date insight of the buying procedure in Florida.

Expert Tips: Florida property experts reveal some common mistakes made by others and how to avoid them.

‘Probably the best priced property market in the world today – one that is set to rise over the medium to long term’.
Source: www.ft.com

‘An outstanding opportunity’.
Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

As with all markets at the bottom of the growth cycle, the earlier you invest, the greater your profit potential – the time to buy in Florida is NOW! Get your FREE ‘Florida Property Buyers Guide 2009’ today and learn the secrets of Florida’s property market.

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We look forward to the opportunity of assisting you invest securely and successfully.

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