Florida Property Investment Hots Up as Hopes of Recovery Emerge

According to the National Real Estate Investor and Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services, real estate investors are taking advantage of a hot Florida property market right now.

Though the recession has some people wary of investments, many are hopeful that recovery is right around the corner.

An increase in apartment rental prices paves the way for increased income for apartment owners and prospective investors. There are also many investors who are just getting their foot in the door in this sector as they anticipate a high return on their investments.

It seems that all sectors of real estate investment properties are fairing well, such as individual, office, retail, and mixed-use. There is also an increase in hotel investments as well. According the Marcus & Millichap, apartment investments are, “leading the recovery in real estate fundamentals.”

It seems more confidence is being seen as the Investor Sentiment Index has increased from 91 in 2009 to 119 up till the third quarter of this year. The index measures investor’s attitudes toward the investment sector and a neutral attitude would be 100, so 119 shows that investors are anticipating an increase in real estate values in the near future.

With the large inventory of foreclosed homes and apartment buildings, it is now prime time to make an investment, although any investment should be viewed as a long term one, many investors are now stating optimism that at least the start of the recovery may be just around the corner.