Florida Property Presents Excellent Investment Opportunities

Though the housing price decline in Florida may be disappointing to those selling their homes, it is a definite advantage for those who want to begin investing as there are plenty of foreclosures, distressed and discounted properties to choose from.

The market prices have declined between 20-50% due to such an abundance of houses and investment properties, so finding a good deal is only a matter of browsing the web (including our Florida property listings).

The developments we currently have listed; both Mosaic at Milennia and the Village at Downtown in Orlando are perfect examples of lucrative apartment investments in Florida.

The many discounted apartments in resort apartment complexes are regarded as particularly lucrative investments, because of Florida’s well known appeal as a tourist destination.

Though the real estate market may be lagging in many cities, Florida realtors are optimistic. In Sarasota, realtors report a 10% increase in homes sold in October as compared to September, as well as an $8000 increase in the median sales price for a condominium. Realtors also report that a 15% rise in condominium sales has occurred in the third quarter which is promising for those who love to live in the “Sunshine State.”

Real estate investing is a great way to make a profit on the current state of the housing economy. With so many people flocking to Florida for sun and fun, you can’t go wrong with a property investment.

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