Fortaleza? Brazil Investment Property Hotspot Revealed!

Strong local market

Fortaleza is the capital of Cear?It is the wealthiest city in the northeast of Brazil and is currently experiencing a tourism and property boom. Some residents of Rio de Janeiro and S?Paulo believe Fortaleza to be more exotic and exciting, hence Fortaleza is a popular holiday destination for the Brazilian people and the middle class aspire to buy holiday homes there. The demand provides the investor with a readymade exit route if he wishes to realise the gains from his investment.

Economically, Fortaleza is developing at a rapid pace and on its own produces more than 43% of the total economic output of the state of Cear?ased mainly on agricultural products, services and tourism.

Major property developers are now investing heavily in the best locations in Fortaleza and surrounding areas like, Cumbuco, Porto das Dunas and Canoa Quebrada.

Fortaleza’s increased employment rate, increasing wages and ability to attract foreign investment continues to drive property price growth.


Fortaleza is one of the main resorts in northeast Brazil and tourist levels are rapidly rising, with many people visiting this modern city to enjoy its restaurants, bars and buzzing nightlife, coupled with water-sports, volleyball and some of the most amazing dunes.

Reports have suggested that visitor levels in 2008 will increase by 25%. Rental demand is high in peak season and remains moderately high in off peak season. Developers are struggling to keep up with this huge demand for quality accommodation.

The government recognises Fortaleza’s contribution to the overall economy and is currently spending heavily on the improvement of infrastructure.

It’s airport Pinto Martin is well served by many international carriers and due to the high number of tourists visiting the region, we are now seeing a reduction in air fares.

Fortaleza’s Investment Facts:

  • Predicted capital growth of 20%
  • Shortage of property to match current demand
  • Strong local market, providing a direct exit strategy
  • Established tourist destination
  • Tourist visitor numbers predicted to increase by 25% in 2008

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