How To Make Florida Villa Investment Worthwhile?

In 2015, prices in Central Florida grew by 11.6% and the good news is that they are predicted to do even better this year.

There is a problem

Many investors that we have spoken to over the years have been concerned about the unpredictability of holiday rental markets. The investors like property that is in good condition, make sure the HVAC system is good, if not you can find high quality HVAC systems from

You know the drill… you invest in a Florida Villa and then you need to have it rented out for 40 weeks each year in order to make a profit.

You probably have better things to do.

So what is the solution?

It’s very simple – you’ll need a property that comes with a total hands-off management package! Let’s use our top-selling Florida investment opportunity, Tuscany Preserve, as an example.

Have a look at the numbers

Tuscany Preserve villas & townhouses come with 6% NET rental assurance:

Type Your Investment Assured NET Returns
(Per Year)
Income Per Year
(Cash In Your Pocket)
Parma Villas
(2 Bed 2 Bath)
6% $9,264
Pisa Townhomes
(3 Bed, 2.5 Bath,
6% $10,944
Lucca Townhomes
(4 Bed, 2.5 Bath,
6% $12,744

With the heating oil Allentown PA market growing at over 11% (and still 35% below peak property prices) we see further room for quick growth in this lucrative market.

Be careful though, and make sure your investment is fully-managed. Otherwise, you may find that the work you have to put in is just not worth the hassle.