Hundreds Of Property Investors Are Doing It Monthly

Did you realize that you can invest in a UK buy-to-let property and pay your typical 50% deposit in monthly installments?

Most people interested in property investing already know that nothing builds wealth and freedom faster than a balanced property portfolio.

However, investors of all types and skill-sets face the same challenge: raising enough deposit to purchase properties and grow their portfolio more quickly.

This is why we have worked hard to create a unique structure that enables more and more investors to secure properties without having to find the typical 50% deposit in one lump sum… effectively making it easier and faster for you to grow your portfolio.

This unique concept will allow you to secure a property now and pay the deposit in 24 monthly installments.

Here is a quick overview on how it all works:

  • The purchase price of a two-bedroom apartment is £70,000. 
  • Deposit required is 50% of the property price, which is £35,000
  • Instead of paying £35,000 in one lump sum, you spread it over 24 months
  • So, to pay off your deposit you invest £1,458.33 per month for 2 years
  • Pay remaining 50% with rental returns, developer funding or mortgage

Sounds too good to be true?… Well, I am afraid to disappoint you! This concept is already actively up and running and proving incredibly popular – with over 70 reservations from investors across the globe in less than eight weeks from launch.

If you find paying your 50% deposit in monthly installments interesting, here are two opportunities that will allow you to benefit from this unique concept.


Parkwood Court
West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

  • Unique 50-50 Payment Option
  • 10% Rental Assured For 5 Years
  • Developer Funding: No Mortgage Needed
  • One- And Two-Bed Apartments
  • Available From £60,000

To learn more about Parkwood Court click here.


St Peter’s Place
Derby, United Kingdom

  • Last 20 Units – HURRY!
  • 7% Rental Assurance For 5 Years
  • Insurance Guarantee
  • One- And Two-Bed Apartments
  • Available From £97,746

To learn more about St. Peter’s Place click here