I Wish I Had Invested…

That’s what Ronald and Joyce Brown said, after missing out on the outstanding student opportunity – The Cube.

We launched The Cube in 2013 and, after several discussions, the Browns were about to reserve a unit. For some strange reason, however, procrastination (what I call ‘the dream breaker’!) got hold of them; when they finally decided to move forward – The Cube was fully sold.

Now The Cube is fully built, 100% occupied; recent values indicate a price growth of almost 15%.

The last time I spoke to the Browns they said… “We wish we had invested…

Learning from their mistake, the Browns were one of the first investors to reserve at the UK’s most popular student opportunity – Keele House.

You see… what separates Keele House from other student properties is that it is zoned as a residential property – unlike the majority of student properties which are zoned solely for students.

This gives Keele House much more fuel and flexibility when it comes to ‘rentability’ and ‘saleability’: the property can be rented out to students or young professionals.

The resale/exit market is also a lot wider: you are swimming in a bigger pool, because the property can be sold on to either another investor or someone who would like to live there – using it as a starter home.

This is always a much more powerful growth cocktail than a property that, realistically, will only be purchased by another investor.

So, if you have been considering making your move by investing in a student property, it is time to make it happen. The good options are rarely around for long, and Keele House is the top of the tree when it comes to student investment opportunities:

• 9% NET Rental Assurance For 3 Years

• Dual-Purpose Studio Apartments

• 5% Interest Paid On All Deposited Funds Until Completion

• Fully Furnished

• Available from £64,995 

The development is now 85% sold out, with just few units remaining – sold on first come basis.

You can read more here:


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