Imagine Owning this Property in Egypt

Colordarcy is a company focussed on investment property around the world. But you can get so into the investment benefits that you forget to think about property ownership.

Most people who invest in overseas property at the private level, will invest in a holiday home; as a fly to let investment to rent out when not in use — to help with the finance repayments for those buying with a mortgage, or as a residual income for cash buyers — or as a capital investment that will sell for a profit 50 years down the line (unless the kids keep it). Those investing for capital growth will also tend to rent out the property for the sake of maintenance.

See what I mean, I’m doing it again. I am talking about the investment potential and reasons for investing in property in Egypt for example, but I never talk about what it is like to actually own a home there.

For example, Colordarcy is currently marketing the Samra Bay development in Hurghada. This is a prime example of the value for money that is on offer in Hurghada, value for money because property is so cheap for what you are buying. This makes for excellent investments, but also affordable holiday homes.

In this case, for £53,000 you can buy a five-star luxury apartment in a five star resort fronted to its own private beach. Yes, that is five star luxury and right by one of Hurghada’s white-sandy beaches, before we even mention the facilities, which include:

· Marina Club
· Spa and Massage Centre
· Sport and Fitness Club, Sauna and Steam Room
· Diving Centre
· Aquatic Sports Centre
· Entertainment Centre
· Beach Bars and Restaurant
· Beach Sports Area
· Supervised Children’s Corner
· Swimming Pools
· Restaurants
· Supermarket, Café, Shops and much more

I did say Colordarcy was investment focussed didn’t I? Well, as an investment these properties come with guaranteed 125% buy-back and guaranteed 6% rental yields for the first five years — the latter is optional and depends on how much usage is wanted by the buyer. Contact Colordarcy today to find out more about affordable luxury in sunny Egypt.