Why Should You Invest In Brazil Property?

Brazil is home not only to the world’s most idyllic beaches and tropical rainforests and of course one of the world’s best football teams; it is also home to the world’s most exciting property market.

Behind the sun, sea and samba dancing, is a country that can now be counted among the giants of world economic powers. Brazil has been one of the runaway success stories of the past decade even with the rude interruption of a major economic slowdown elsewhere.

With the World Cup arriving, followed by the Olympics in 2016 and major off-shore oil discoveries, has there ever been a better time to invest in Brazil?

Brazil offers a unique combination of emerging market conditions backed by a strong economy. You also have very good infrastructure with well-established airports making travel in and out easy. It is just as easy for foreigners to move money in and out of the country, which is crucial.


What Can You Count On When Investing In Brazil?

  • Rental yields between 8% and 11% per annum
  • Capital growth of 10% to 15% each year
  • No restrictions on foreign ownership
  • Best yields in Rio, Sao Paulo, Natal and Fortaleza
  • Optimal investment exit point in 5-7 years