Why Do Investors Flock To Florida?

Florida is the home of the Kennedy Space Center, Disneyland and more importantly for us, properties available at heavily discounted prices with the potential to generate high returns on investment. This might be the home of Disney, however this is no fantasy world – there is an exceptional opportunity to invest while property prices are at the bottom of the cycle. Investors should already be taking advantage in an area with outstanding growth and economic prospects.

Apartments, townhouses and villas in select communities and desirable areas are available with prices starting from less than $100,000 and these properties certainly offer high cash flow rental returns and some are offered with tenants already in place. The key to being successful in this market is selecting heavily discounted property in areas with high tenant demand. It really is that simple.

As the US economy slid into recession and property prices fell dramatically, developers and homeowners in Florida faced incredibly tough market conditions. The consequences of which are still being felt today – the good news for investors is that there are now clear signs of a sustainable recovery.

The rental market is also healthy as you might expect, with demand for property high in this recovering market. Many families are also seeking rental property as tight mortgage lending conditions continue. Developers now feel brave enough to begin developing land they have been holding too for the past few years, which is another green light for investors.

We have carried out extensive research into Florida, narrowing down the focus to specific hotspot locations and places of interest that have rock bottom prices. These are already showing signs of an upward trend that will continue to rise throughout 2014 because:

Florida is on course to break the 20 million population mark during 2016. This will make it the third most populated state, surpassing even New York.

Low property prices will continue to attract cash buyers and particularly foreign investors.

The first wave of the baby boom generation will be hitting retirement and many will want to spend that retirement living in Florida as we are already seeing. The U.S. national recovery is already underway.

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