Is Self-Management Of Your Investment Portfolio Really Worth The Hassle?

Many people start out as hands-on property investors. If they have the time and skills required, then this can be a great way to build a profitable property portfolio over time.

As the portfolio grows, most people will end up having to give up the day job – and quite possibly a large part of their lives – on maintaining property and dealing with tenants. But there is another way. A way to profit from property without dealing with the day-to-day management. This is called the hands-free way.

Hands-free property investment has been gaining in popularity for some time now, because it offers a low-risk, low-maintenance alternative to traditional buy-to-let. Investors can concentrate on building their portfolio, which is a lot more fun and profitable.

Investments in student accommodation, for example, come fully managed with a strong supply of tenants ready to fill units every year. Security, maintenance and safety issues are all taken care of by experienced property management companies, therefore avoiding any issues with tenants. If you want to keep your management in the best state, then consider checking out bookkeeping for property managers.

If your investment is truly hands-free, you probably won’t even need to see a tenant – particularly if it’s a hotel investment, where it is up to those who manage it to deal with any day-to-day issues. Yields on these properties can often be higher as a result, with low voids and guaranteed rental.

So unless you enjoy dealing with the daily issues and needs of your tenants nationally and, in some cases, internationally, it is well worth considering the benefits of being a hands-free property investor.