Landlords Gain From Brilliant New UK Investment Model

You may already have heard the government has cracked down on landlord profits by hiking tax paid on property purchases. Landlords were shocked that the Chancellor was unable or unwilling to negotiate fairer treatment.

The government of course has other ideas. They want to make buying homes less expensive for first-time buyers and those hoping to climb the housing ladder.

What The UK Government Doesn’t Want To See Happen In The Housing Market

  • House prices rise out of reach of ordinary people in the UK
  • Buy-to-let investors making easy profits

The Chancellor thought he had put a lid on the easy profits to be made from buy-to-let in the UK.  He thought that the tax hike would tip the balance away from property investors towards home buyers and cool house price inflation.

To some extent it has. The brakes were applied to house price growth in April.

Up until then, house prices had risen an average 10.1% in the 3 months to March 2016 (Source: Halifax House Price Index). They slipped by 0.8% in April when the new rules took effect.

Property as an investment was brought into question for the first time since housing crash of 2008. Has this killed buy-to-let as an investment in the UK? Fortunately it hasn’t and here’s why…

There was a huge rush ahead of the April deadline to avoid the 3% increase in stamp duty for those investing in a property that was not their main residence.

If you missed out on investing before that April deadline, then you will have missed out on the chance to avoid this extra tax. There seemed to be no answer to this until now…

An Entirely New Buy-To-Let Investment Model

Fortunately, buy-to-let has evolved with an entirely new buy-to-let investment model that will not only make it easier to invest in property, it will also allow you to keep most of your money. Learn more about business and bees from Lee Rosen Website.

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It also:

  • removes the pain of having to pay extra tax on your property purchase
  • puts cash back in your pocket with assured rental income

That’s not all. Investors can also benefit from

  • property 20% below market value, that locks in equity from day one
  • spreads deposit payments so there is no need to pay a typical 30%-50% all in one go as is the case with a typical buy-to-let investment

This investment model will put landlords back on track and making the most of investment in property.

It will also provide the perfect way to start investing for anyone new to property, who may have been put off by the host of recent changes in the law.

How This New Investment Model Works For Buy-To-Let Investors


New Investment Model
Cost of 1 bed property £60,000
30% Deposit Spread Over 24 Monthly Payments £750
Stamp Duty £1,800
Amount Covered By Rental Income £750
Total Upfront Cost £1,800
Old Investment Model
Cost of 1 bed property £60,000
Single Payment £18,000
Stamp Duty £1,800
Amount Covered By Rental Income £750
Total Upfront Cost £19,800

An Investment Model That Lets You Keep 100% Of Your Mortgage Payments

This new investment model takes away the need to raise a big deposit up front and makes investing in property easier – even to those who may not have the funds for a large deposit.

The mortgage payments are covered by an assured rental return to give peace of mind and the properties themselves are handpicked in the top growth locations in the UK.

The properties are priced 20% below their current market value, which makes them an extremely attractive purchase and a way to lock in equity that can be the icing on the cake at exit.

This isn’t the end of Buy-to-let for investors in the UK, it is just the beginning with a new investment model that reduces your deposit to zero.