Liverpool Property – The Hidden Greatness

We have to report a failure in our usually very successful investment ideas in Liverpool:  we missed out on the success of Liverpool Football Club, which would now appear to be worth around five times as much as it was just seven short years ago…

The NBA superstar LeBron James invested just under five million pounds in the club back in 2011 and his stake is now reportedly worth around 28 million, according to the Daily Mail  (

However, at a more modest level, we have had many successes in the Liverpool area – and there should be every reason to come on board to the new range of properties that we are promoting.

Whether it’s for business or study, Liverpool has everything necessary to attract new residents, and assure long-term demand for long-term and short-term residential living and quality tourist accommodation.

Liverpool City Region is at the centre of the UK’s second largest regional economy with access to six million customers. Connected to global markets, multinationals grow in the business-friendly and cost-competitive environment.

At the last count the regional economy was worth a staggering £149 billion pounds and there were almost a quarter of a million individual businesses in the region.

There are four local universities: Liverpool University, Liverpool John Moores, Liverpool Hope and Edge Hill. And, of course, there are two Premier League football clubs and two world-class cathedrals – and more museums and galleries than anywhere else in England, other than London.

Vast sums of public and private money have been put into regenerating the city centre and dockside areas, providing office space, business and residential areas and tourism opportunities.

If you’ve not been to the area, it’s certainly worth a visit. And if you can’t get there, then the next best thing is to acquire a stake in the area.

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