The Magic Formula For Making Millions From Property

There aren’t any cast-iron guaranteed ways of making (and keeping) a million pounds, but property acquisition and rental is one of the best ­– if you choose carefully, and have a tiny smattering of luck.

Once you are able to acquire your first property then it is quite easy to move forwards and, before you know it, you suddenly find that you have a decent portfolio. Even if you are only acquiring student flats or city apartments at around the £100,000 mark, just ten such acquisitions over, say, four years makes you, notionally, a millionaire! The rent from each should cover mortgage repayments and buying this sort of fully managed property (rather than a house, say, which takes considerable time and money to research, manage and let and maintain) means that you really can simply sit back and let the profits roll in.

Of course, buying properties in your own area can also prove very profitable; you cut down on costs to research them and, of course, you know the area. If you live in an area where there is a significant demand for, for example, student accommodation this may be a good start – but do factor in the management costs or time involved.

Some of Britain’s most prolific investors have portfolios of over one hundred properties. The more you own, the more streamlined the process of buying, selling and furnishing and management. We are not advocating this extreme form of investment for everyone, but most people with just a little cash to spare for the initial acquisition can very easily start to move into ownership in a professional way – and ensure that they leave an extremely healthy inheritance for their families. Check out this good real estate company, they can help you out on any real estate questions.