Mickey Mouse Saw This Happen 85 Years Ago And Nothing Has Changed

85 and not even one grey hair. If Mickey was a property investor he would probably have the world’s biggest portfolio because he would know the worst kept secret in the business.

You see Mickey was born in a house-building boom. This boom saw rising house prices, home ownership rates that soared and banks thinking of all kinds of ingenious ways to make finance available to those who either wanted it – or needed it.  

Soon dark clouds were gathering; property prices were hitting a peak – then came a crash when property prices fell by a third.
The suburbs of cities were overbuilt and houses stood a long time untenanted.

Even the apartment buildings that helped investors make quick capital gains stood empty as low occupancy rates took their toll.

Mickey was busy doing Steamboat Willie when all this was happening. 80 years later he saw the exact same things happening again.

But if Mickey was a property investor he would tell you one important thing. Be patient. As the saying goes; patience is bitter but the fruit is sweet.

He would repeat the old saying and ask you, “Have you ever noticed how overnight success takes about 10 years?”

People lose on property when they look for overnight success and they don’t look at the long term. You need to be older and wiser to see that.

The good thing about property is that unlike Mickey Mouse you will not need to have lived through the two world wars or have seen the first man land on the moon to understand one basic truth about investment.

We have just seen the end of one cycle – the next one is just beginning. Property markets move in cycles, they always have and they always will. Just like Mickey, property investing never goes out of fashion.

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Loxley McKenzie
Managing Director

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